Tom Lawlor (UFC Fighter)

“Professional athletes often encounter new people in their lives who claim they can make a difference and want to help you improve your career. Some of these people have altruistic motives and are simply looking to further themselves at your expense. I can sincerely say that Kyle Holland belongs to the first group of people I mentioned and has made a difference in my life. I have had the opportunity to work with multiple strength coaches in my career, and none have made me feel as welcomed and eager to see him at every session. Using various strength, mobility, and conditioning methods, Kyle has not only made me a better athlete but has helped me to understand the place of these tools in my training. When I began working with him I was riding a two fight losing streak, but was able to defeat a former Middleweight Title Contender using his methods. I was in the best physical shape of my life due to his training. He is knowledgeable, personable, and open-minded while at the same time motivating. I personally drive almost an hour and a half each way to work with Kyle, while there are many other options much closer to me. Kyle guarantees that every time I see him I not only learn something new about fitness, but also about myself as a person. I am proud to have Kyle as a coach in my career, and even more proud to be able to call him a friend.” – Tom Lawlor

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